Holley 885FFC cfm

Holley 885FFC carburetor for 1949-51 Mercury

The question…


I have a 1951 Lincoln, with a 337 Ci Flathead, and am interested in rebuilding the original carb, a Holley 885 FFC

Before I do this, I am interested in knowing the CFM of said carb. It has been suggested that I have a 500-600 cfm for that size of engine, which is 100 % stock

Can you help me out with the CFM.

The answer…

As far as I know, there aren’t any good published cfm figures for this carburetor. Even if there were, it’s difficult to compare 2 bbl figures to the numbers for common 4 bbl carburetors, since the standard pressure drop for measuring cfm is different for 2 bbls and 4 bbls. So… you can compare 4 bbl numbers to each other, and 2 bbl numbers to each other, but cross comparison is harder.

Having said that, the 885 FFC is about the same size as later model 2300 350-500 cfm Holley 2bbls.

The Holley 885 FFC is the version of the 885 used on 1949-51 Mercury engines and Lincolns. There are other 885s, such as the 885 FFG that was used on trucks for a number of years. More details, along with carb kits and parts are on our site here.

If you’re rebuilding one of these carburetors, you’ll want our kit CK409:

CK409 carburetor rebuild kit for Holley 885FFC
CK409 Carburetor Rebuild Kit for Holley 885FFC Carburetors

This kit is made in the USA, ethanol-compatible and features hard-to-find parts such as the idle mixture screws and springs, float bumper spring and more. It also includes instructions and an exploded diagram. We also have a detailed factory service manual – CM409.

1949-51 Holley 885FFC specifications

I have also posted the specification sheets from the Holley carburetor manual for these carburetors on The Old Car Manual Project site.

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