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  1. Hi, I got a question about my Chevy C10 I’m rebuilding. I just started working on the carb 1981 chev C10 305 400 tranni. So I don’t really know a lot about this Carb. The number is 170842226 it has an electric wire hooked up to the Choke so I’m guessing it to be an eltectronic choke assist. The major problem is the choke plate is locked with no way to unlock it. At all. The choke has the three screw holes but I guess because its elctronic instead of screws it has three rivets soi I cannot adjust it to get it to release the choke plate. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks bye.

    1. You can drill out the rivets with an 11/64th drill bit and replace with self-drilling 12-24 screws – included in our rebuild kit CK355. The choke coil is probably burnt out. You can check the resistance on it – should be around 3-8 ohms. If it’s zero, or infinite it’s no good. CC139 is a replacement.

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